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Governance & Constitution

The Show Horse Council of Tasmania Inc is governed by an Executive Committee, elected at an Annual General Meeting of the members of the SHCT.

The Executive Committee appoints from among itself the Office Holders who are the President, the Vice President, the Executive Officer, the Secretary, the Treasurer, and the Publicity Officer.

Information on the Rules of the Show Horse Council of Tasmania Inc including information on meetings, elections, and all other matters relating to the conduct of the organisation can be found below.

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Elected Members

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Membership for Active Riding Members and Junior Active Riding Members includes 24/7 Personal Accident Insurance for all horse-related activities. Included is Public Liability cover at all Show Horse Council official Events.


Mr Peter Barr



Ms Erica Clarke

Vice President


Mrs Felicity Radley



Mrs Felicity Radley

 Treasurer & Public Officer


Mrs Yvonne Barr

Riders Rep

SHCT Constitution

The Show Horse Council of Tasmania Inc runs in accordance with the Show Horse Council of Australasia Inc.


If you would like to familiarise yourself with the SHCT constitution, please download using the link below. (The document is in PDF format)


As we are affiliated with Show Horse Council Australasia, please visit their website for further information.